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Best catchers bag

Playing baseball can be a lot of fun, but keeping track of your equipment is sometimes complicated. It is even worse if you lack organization skills!

On more than one occasion we have faced the risk of a sanction for not arriving on time because we couldn’t find our cleats.

That’s why the catcher’s bag is so useful! You can put almost everything inside; from bats to footwear, there’s room for every equipment we’ll need during our games.

Here, we’ll discuss these products to help you find the best catchers bag currently available. Luckily, by the end of our article, you’ll learn to love this wonderful gear as much as we do.

PictureCatchers BagEditor RatingDetails

Easton E900c Wheeled Catchers Bag5 STARCheck Latest Price

Louisville Slugger Prime Rig Wheeled Bag4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

EASTON E700W Bat Equipment Wheeled Bag5 STARCheck Latest Price

eMarini Special OPS Wheeled Bag5 STARCheck Latest Price

Mizuno Samurai Catcher’s Wheel Bag4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Bat Bag5 STARCheck Latest Price

Rawlings Player Preferred Wheel Bag5 STARCheck Latest Price

Easton E900G Wheeled Equipment Bag4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

Wilson Pudge 2.0 Bag4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

Our 9 Best Catchers Bags Reviews

These are our nine picks we recommend for people looking for a catcher’s bag. Every one of these products has met our expectations in more than one way.

1. Easton E900c Wheeled Catchers Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

Even though it is available in black only, this bag manages to provide everything a catcher may need throughout the season. It is state-of-the-art equipment with plenty of space and comfort.

Two elements caught our attention quickly: the wide pockets to store our gear and the rails with wheels for easy transportation. Never again will you have to worry about leaving your stuff at home before a game.

Also, the vented pockets allow air to flow regularly, which keeps away unpleasant odors from contaminating both our bag and our equipment.

Another benefit of the vented pockets is that they allow our equipment to dry quickly. Put them inside, and chances are they will be ready to use by the next time you open the bag.

The resistance of the bag is not only against awful fragrances but against impacts as well. Although this baseball bag offers a lot of space, you’ll find out that putting too much weight inside will make it lean to the front inevitably.


  • Wide compartments for our equipment
  • Proper rail system for transportation
  • Vented pockets
  • Lockable zippers


  • Doesn’t stand up when loaded
  • Has one color only

2. Louisville Slugger Prime Rig Wheeled Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

This bag comes available in four different color combinations: black and charcoal, black and pink, black and scarlet, and the last one is a navy design, which is the most good-looking out of the bunch. Either way, that’s only their appearance.

Inside, there aren’t many differences: all of them offer a spacious main compartment for every one of your gear. There’s also the padded slots for bats, which works well protecting the content from taking strong impacts.

There are more things worth mentioning about this catcher’s bag, the fleece-lined pockets being one of them, as it allows you to protect your valuable items like smartphones.

The bag also offers the vented shoe compartment, which is there to help you take your equipment as dirty as they may be, and there won’t be any unpleasant odor after taking them out. This catcher bag is ideal for every player regardless of their experience.

Whether you’re adult or young, the wheel chassis withstands the pressure of taking as many or as little equipment you put inside. When you’re using it, make sure to leave the bag on a leveled surface. Otherwise, it will not sit in perfect balance.


  • Different color combinations available
  • Padded slots for more protection
  • Accessory pockets
  • Customizable


  • Stays balanced only on leveled surfaces
  • Valuables pocket unreachable when hanging

3. EASTON E700W Bat Equipment Wheeled Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

This bag is available in four colors: black, navy, red, and royal. However, the black-colored one is cheaper than the others.

Nonetheless, every bag looks and feels good. There’s a shoe panel that you can remove and customize by adding your preferred team embroidery onto the catcher’s bag. When you’re looking to set a brand, starting with your equipment is the right call.

The zipper configuration is worth pointing out too. It keeps everything locked away, secured, and protected, but you also get to access your equipment quickly for better dugout functionality.

On the bottom, you have rails and wheels that are both durable and very convenient when you’re traveling. The wheels won’t suffer any damage even after walking with it for a long time. They’re surprisingly resistant against concrete and moisture caught from the wet fields.

Moreover, the vented compartment at the top is yet another benefit of this bag. In it, you’ll be able to store the rain pullover and other equipment such as the catcher’s or fielder’s glove. Something that got our attention is that the bag tends to tip over sideways over uneven terrain.


  • It offers the space you need
  • Available in four colors
  • Bottom rails and wheels
  • Removable panel for customization


  • Wheels should have more space in-between

4. DeMarini Special OPS Wheeled Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

There’s room for four bats in this bag. When stored inside, they receive all the protection they need to maintain their good shape.

We know how easy it is to get them scratched, and that’s an issue this equipment solves efficiently.

Perhaps what you may like the most about this bag is how easy it is for us to customize it. You can remove almost several features: the decoration panel, which fits 18-inch loops, and the neoprene straps too.

The bag offers a breathable compartment for your shoes and dirty equipment. Through this pocket, air flows to prevent the mud and moisture create a hideous smell inside. Once you get home, you’ll find that washing this area is easy as well.

And, if you can’t leave your phone at home, there’s a small fleece-lined pocket suitable for these smaller devices. Despite carrying strong items like bats, every other area is well-protected from heavy impacts.

When it arrives, perhaps you’ll have to change the zippers, because they are of very poor quality.


  • Plenty of space inside
  • Stores up to four bats
  • Removable panel and straps
  • Compartment for devices like smartphones
  • Breathable compartments easy to wash


  • Changing the zipper pulls is almost necessary

5. Mizuno Samurai Catcher’s Wheel Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

After months of regular use, this best catchers bag has yet to disappoint us. Although it sits near the middle of our reviews, we shouldn’t underestimate all the benefits it has to offer for all baseball players regardless of their role or positions.

It is a bag designed with the most thorough process to ensure it works as intended. You can place around three bats inside, your catcher’s equipment, helmets, and the uniform like gloves or shoes.

Additionally, there’s another large compartment that you can use for other stuff you may need. compartment that you can use for other stuff you may need.

This bag has proven to be way better than our old equipment. If you’ve had troubles with Easton products for being too thin, this one is here to save the day. It is far more durable and way thicker to keep our items well protected.

If you don’t usually take many items with you for the games, then you may want to opt for other picks. This one is large, and it could be a problem for people that don’t take much equipment for the games.

Another issue you may encounter is the catcher’s helmet compartment, as it is quite small.


  • Large compartment for many items
  • Durable
  • Fits three bats easily
  • Beautiful color


  • Mask compartment too small

6. Boombah Brute Rolling Baseball/Softball Bat Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

Do you usually have a hard time picking one product out of many? Then you’ll have a dilemma with this bag. It is available in more than twenty color combinations!

The good thing is, you’ll be able to match it with the rest of your equipment, which is always satisfying when you’re in a team.

What we like the most about this bag is how resistant it is. Sports equipment is often easy to mess up through regular usage and from impacts, but the polyester used to produce this piece of gear is outstandingly durable. Even after months of using it, you will hardly notice any tearing.

It offers a top compartment that maintains dirt and mud away from your stuff. In the bottom area, you’ll be able to store items such as shoes or helmets.

When it comes to the big compartment, it is pretty large, and there’s room for gloves, helmets, and all sorts of catcher equipment you might need.

If you like diversity, then you’ll appreciate the side handles, as they allow for easy lifting.


  • A lot of color combinations to choose from
  • Polyester construction
  • Highly resistant
  • Side handles


  • The zippers don’t work well around the corners

7. Rawlings Player Preferred Wheel Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

This bag is available in dark green, black, purple, orange, navy, royal, and scarlet. Unlike many other products, they all look beautiful regardless of their design.

It features a pair of metal hooks to stabilize the loaded content inside. Also, when you want to travel, the E-Z Roll wheels make it very easy to transport the bag.

There are many things you can keep inside the bag. For example, you can store four bats comfortably. Additionally, you have a specific pocket for your shoes, which receives ventilation through the fabric.

Even then, if you’re looking for a spacious bag, then this product is not the one you need. When you put a lot of equipment inside, they will feel pretty tight. It is not ideal.

Instead, it is better for players that don’t usually need many items for their games.


  • Many colors available
  • Resistant and durable
  • Two hanging hooks
  • Easy to carry
  • Wheels roll smoothly


  • This bag is not too spacious

8. Easton E900G Wheeled Equipment Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

This catcher may not seem that spacious from the outside, but it is surprising how much room there is once you open it.

You can store every equipment necessary for your games without any concerns. The reinforced straps make sure the bag stabilizes by distributing the weight equally across the body.

Naturally, you can use it over the wheels as well. It is a set of wide tank wheels that move smoothly over many surfaces, including concrete or fields.

When transporting the bag, the telescoping handle comes in handy as it is very comfortable to grab.

The handle, combined with the complete bottom rail, allows you to move the bag and its content from home to the stadium without becoming a hassle.

Here, the lockable zippers ensure the protection of your equipment and the durability of the bag by preventing blowouts.

For the price, this bag is worth it. The only real issue is that it is impossible to keep it standing. There’s no chance to have it standing over the fence because the wheels make it fall.


  • Large compartment for your equipment
  • Reinforced straps
  • Telescoping handle
  • Easy to transport


  • It doesn’t stand up properly

9. Wilson Pudge 2.0 Bag

>>> Check Latest Price <<<

The sturdy construction design of this bag is probably its biggest benefit. Not only does it keep your stuff protected, but you get a lot of space in the main compartment that you can use for all of your stuff.

But the main compartment is also one of its disadvantages since there aren’t many pockets to organize your gear.

What can you store inside? There’s room for helmets, shoes, cleats, and many gloves. Every piece of catcher equipment fits into the main compartment easily. For instance, keeping up to four bats is very comfortable.

Like every other product in this list, this one offers the fleece-lined pockets for your valuable and most fragile items. Stuff like sunglasses or delicates would fit well in this area.

On the side, you can find a large pocket convenient for shin guards and other equipment that may not seem necessary at first.

But it is better to have them nearby in case you need them later on. The bottom rails make it easy to transport, and it endures the pressure over different terrain types.


  • Large main compartment
  • Available in four colors
  • Valuables pockets
  • Durable rails


  • No proper pockets to organize your stuff

Why Get a Catchers Bag?

Before continuing with our catcher’s bags reviews, we’ll give you a couple of reasons why buying one of them is a good choice.

Room for Everything

Bats, shoes, gloves, helmets, and cleats; you can store all of that equipment, and there may be more room if necessary. Also, there are pockets for smartphones and other similar items as well.

Easy to Transport

Are you tired of carrying your bag? The catchers bag with wheels allows you to move your equipment easily. No longer will you have to put the burden of your equipment over your shoulders.


When you store your shoes and gloves inside the bag, there won’t be any risks of causing damage to them from impacts.

Features to Consider before Buying

Here are the essential features you should consider before making your final decision on one of these products.

Large Compartment

A catcher’s bag should have plenty of space for every piece of equipment you may need on the field. Consider measurements like 39x14x14-inch if you want to take your gloves, shoes, bats, and everything with you.

Handles & Wheels

With a large compartment comes a heavy load. When the burden becomes too much to bear, having a proper handle with wheels and rail mechanism will make it easier to move your equipment from one place to another.


There are two reasons why you’d want a customizable bag. First, it’d be easier to adjust your stuff inside. Secondly, you can add your team’s color and turn it into a piece of unique and personal equipment that matches your style.

Extra Pockets

Extra pockets to keep your valuable items like smartphones or fragile devices could come in useful when you least expect it. Make sure to pick a bag that protects all of your stuff from possible impacts.


Having breathable material ensures your items receive proper ventilation when they’re inside the bag. Not only does it prevent the retention of unpleasant odors, but it also allows the equipment to dry quicker.

Bownet Commander Bag

Bownet Commander Bag

Features :

  • 14 pockets to organize all your gear
  • Adjustable bats pocket
  • Enough place for others gear
  • Easy to carry on any surface including grass
  • Numbers of color variation
  • Great panel to add name, number

No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catchers Bag

No Errors NO E2 Wheeled Catchers Gear Bag

Features :

  • 9 pockets and enough compartments 
  • Ventilation system for wet items
  • heavy duty wheels with easy maneuver
  • Fence Hooks & J Hooks to Carry Extra Gear

Final Words

Once you get your best catchers bag, you won’t have to worry about leaving your equipment at home when leaving for a game. There’s room for everything! Take a moment to organize your stuff, and you’ll be ready for anything.

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