Best Gaming Chair for Tall Skinny People

Best gaming chair for tall skinny

Do you happen to sit a long time on a desk to play video games? Then this article is for you. A good gaming chair can make a big difference for playing games, working for a project, or even chilling in your pajamas.

It gives support to your spine as well as inspires you to sit in a better posture, which leads to no killing back pain! Along the way, it will give you a comfortable experience that will lighten your mood and help your body to relax.

Now, to help you find the best gaming chair for tall skinny people, our team of experts have narrowed down the options to 8 products.

Let’s get to know them!

PictureGaming ChairEditor RatingDetails

GTRACING Gaming Chair Heavy Duty Ergonomic Chair5 STARCheck Latest Price

Best Office Gaming Chair Desk Chair4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair5 STARCheck Latest Price

Vitesse Gaming Chair5 STARCheck Latest Price

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

Best gaming chair for tall skinny

Below, we are going to breakdown the features of our top recommendations in detail:

1. GTRACING Gaming Chair Heavy Duty Ergonomic Chair

GTRACING Gaming Chair Heavy Duty

This chair is a very well-known gaming chair and has a lot of admirers for its modern look and comfortable design. So, it goes without saying that the recline will be pretty great.

Along with an adjustable pillow, the product comes with different color variations. Though some may think the colors are a little bit eye-catching or warm for office settings, you can try it to enrich the look of your casual office. This gaming chair is specially customized and prepared for pro gamers.

The maximum weight capacity of the chair is 350 pounds. And the body of the chair is strong, and with the 6 bases, it will give you a steady position. The chair has a thick pad at the back and on the seat. With the retractable foot and armrest, it will surely take you to the next level of comfort.

It does not matter if you are working on the desktop for hours or gaming at your house; the ergonomic design will ensure you have a good posture. So, yes, you can say bye to the back pains.
Besides, the price is quite reasonable as well considering all the features.

Moreover, due to its high-quality build, it can withstand rough use. That means, if you are a frequent user of gaming chair and don’t like to spend too much time on maintenance, then this one is for you.


  • Comes with an adjustable pillow
  • Great for neck and lumbar support
  • Perfect for heavy usage
  • Affordable price
  • Good looking and stylish for office and home-setup


  • Not comfortable for big people
  • It does not support more than 220 lbs.

2. Best Office Gaming Chair Desk Chair

BestOffice PC Gaming Chair

This is another favorite chair of gamers across the world. It is a budget gaming chair with such amazing features that you are bound to ask how did they keep the price so low.

Due to its ergonomic design and well-constructed body, the chair will take your gaming experience to another level. With the big pillows along with headrests, it gives the gamer a very relaxing experience.

Also, the size and look of this thing create an ideal look and environment for any conference room or office seating. This chair comes with a heavy-duty metal base that gives a robust structure.

The design is elegant, especially the flip-up arms give an attractive contrast to the black finish. This would be one of the favorite work-station chairs because of the 360-degree swivel option.

It is made of PU leather that is friendly to the skin and does not cause any irritation. The leather works as a mesh back, too, that regulates the airflow. In addition to that, this chair is specially designed to provide lumbar support, and the generous padding lets the users enjoy a comfortable gaming experience.

And the best part is this chair always comes with all the necessary hardware and tools. So, the installation becomes very much easier!


  • Budget-friendly
  • Comfortable soft seating with footrest
  • Ergonomic armrest and backrest
  • Supports weight up to 250 lbs
  • Easy installation process


  • Chair padding is thick
  • Lack of replacement parts in the market

3. HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair

HEALGEN Back Massage Gaming Chair

Unsure about going for a gaming or lounging chair? You can undoubtedly go for the HEALGEN gaming chair. It is a perfect mix of both.

This thing comes with an integrated metal frame along with a high-density sponge and premium PVC leather. That means you can use this chair for a couple of years without the tension of color-fade or dirt. The 5 smooth-rolling wheels ensure the smooth movement and protect the floor from scratching.

The chair allows you to recline between 90° to 155°. As a result, you can easily get the perfect position to sit no matter what you are doing.

In addition to that, you can easily enjoy a 360-degree swivel rotation that will enable you to enjoy the game more. There’s also a back massage feature allowing you to have superior comfort. The option of seat-height adjustment enables you to work from different heights to accomplish a different task that requires varieties of height.


  • Adjustable footrest
  • Perfect for every height
  • Back massage function
  • Use of PVC leather and high-density sponge


  • Time-consuming assembling process
  • Armrests are slightly apart from each other

4. Vitesse Gaming Chair

Vitesse Gaming Chair

If you are looking for a good quality gaming chair at a reasonable price, then this is the option you are looking for. This one will cost you less than a hundred dollars.

The design, high back racing style seat, and headrest are great for any gamer who likes to spend hours playing games at a stretch. There are three points of support for your head, spine, and lumbar. These come with a removable headrest pillow and lumbar cushion for your comfort.

This chair can support up to 300 lbs, meaning if you are a big man, you won’t have a problem sitting in this. The big and wide seats of the chair will provide extra comfort for you. It is ideal for the office, home, or conference uses.

As you know, this chair also supports a full 360-degree rotation that will give you the flexibility to move in a different direction. Also, it features adjustable backrest with a 90°-180° safety angle and also has a class-3 explosion-proof gas lift.

Moreover, you’ll get a premium rolling caster that is noise-free and does not leave any scratch on the floor. You can easily assemble the chair by yourself because the manual comes with a detailed procedure for setup.


  • Adjustable backrest
  • 360 swivel option
  • Load capacity up to 300 lbs
  • Noise-free rolls
  • Easy assembly process
  • Perfect for tall and skinny people


  • The arms are slightly wobbly
  • The lumbar pillows are not very comfortable

5. ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

ELECWISH Ergonomic Computer Gaming Chair

Another popular brand among the gamer is Elecwish. They have a variety of collections of gaming chairs and furniture. Also, their products are high-quality and are known to last long. This chair is covered with soft PU Leather, which is premium in quality and does not fade over time.

You can relax your hand on the armrests that are specially designed as streamline structure to give your hand a perfect place to rest while working.

Also, the caster wheels are not only non-slippery but run smoothly, as well. Thus, it protects the floor from getting scratched. It will be perfect for you if you want to feel like sitting on a race-car as it has been designed like that.

Regarding the weight capacity, you won’t have any issues with it as long as you re under 330 lbs.
The sponges are thick and have high-density on the inside. The makers have made the chair more comfortable with some additional features like elastic /SGS air-lift. With this, you can easily adjust the height of the chair.


  • Segmented padding all over the chair
  • High-density foam
  • Adjustable neck support
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Retractable footrest
  • It can carry up to 330 lbs


  • The armrest is narrow
  • Not suitable for heavy-weighted individuals
  • The seats tend to overheat at the time of summer

6. Nokaxus Gaming Chair

If you are over 6 feet and/or over 250 lbs, then you know finding a perfect gaming chair for you within a budget is a tough task. But to help you out, we are presenting you with the ideal gaming chair that is available under $200.

The chair is covered with high-quality PU leather and equipped with large and soft handrails with which you can adjust heights.

In addition, this one comes with a heavy-duty steel frame that will provide you with perfect support. The thickened steel frames ensure the reliability of chairs, and the large-sized PU wheels don’t leave a scratch on the floor. With the adjustable armrest and footrest, one can enjoy a pleasant time while playing video games.

A great feature of this guy is that it comes with a footrest and massaging option. That will help you to have a great experience while gaming. With the adjustable height, footstool, USB message pillow, this thing also features an adjustable back angle from 90 to 180 degrees.

Moreover, it is also considered as one of the best options for healthy people as well. With its strong structure, it offers a wide and comfortable seat to relax on.


  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Perfect for tall people
  • Extra-wide seats
  • Comfortable armrest
  • Retractable footrest


  • Not suitable for a short or average height person
  • Some parts are of a bit low quality

Features to Consider before Buying

Sometimes while playing video games, we become so indulged that we lose track of time. So, whenever we are making any decision regarding buying a gaming chair, a few things need to be considered beforehand.

As the main purpose of a gaming chair is serving different functions, one needs to think about the budget and their other requirements also. So, next time you go to the market to buy a gaming chair, consider the following things:

Height of the Chair

The height of the chair hugely determines the level of comfort that you will get while sitting on your chair. A simple technique is to see whether you can easily rub the inner part of the gaming desk easily while sitting on the chair.

Nowadays, a lot of companies are offering adjustable-height chairs that will allow you to change the height according to your needs and preference. So, sit and check while you are considering to buy a chair.


There are many factors to determine the level of comfort of your gaming chair. The materials used in the making of your chair hugely determine the comfort level. Pure leather and different high-density materials will give you the top-notch comfort for your gaming experience.

Neck-Support System

It is one of the crucial things that you should not miss. Doctors warn that long hours of screen-time minimize the life expectancy of individuals.

And while gaming, the situation is even worse. So, you must choose a chair that will give proper support to your back and neck. It will not only save you from bad back pain, but it will also lower the chance of injury or damage of your backbone.


Before buying a chair, it is crucial to see if you can move comfortably. It is also necessary to see if you can adjust the armrests, neck rests according to your wish.


You should choose the favorite color of yours while buying. Marketers are offering different attractive color varieties to fulfill market demand. So, why not you go for your favorite red or jet black one?

Final Words

Gaming has now become a very popular hobby and pass-time for many people. Loving video games is not bad, but you also need to think about your health and comfort.

If your gaming chair does not support neck-rest, then you should go for an option that is suitable for tall skinny people. This will not only improve your posture, but it will also let you enjoy a smooth and comfortable gaming experience.

So, I hope you have been able to find the best gaming chair for tall skinny people after reading this article.

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