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Best Ikea Desk For Gaming

Ikea is one of the best furniture brands ever to set foot on earth. It has hundreds of factories around the world, as well as retail shops to buy from. But while it offers all kinds of general furniture, it is not well-known for its computer or gaming sets.

We weren’t happy with that. So we decided to look for the best Ikea desk for gaming. And what we found wasn’t anything short of fantastic.

In this article, you’re going to find all you need to know about 8 of the highest-quality desks for gaming that Ikea offers.

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PictureIkea DeskEditor RatingDetails

Ikea Alex Computer Desk5 STARCheck Latest Price

IKEA 802.130.74 MICKE Desk, White4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

IKEA Linnmon Computer Desk with Drawers5 STARCheck Latest Price

IKEA Micke Computer Desk5 STARCheck Latest Price

IKEA 602.447.45 MICKE Desk4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

Ikea Computer Table with Drawers5 STARCheck Latest Price

IKEA LINNMON New Multi-Use Computer Desk Table5 STARCheck Latest Price

IKEA MICKE Desk with Drawer4.9 STARCheck Latest Price

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PictureGaming DeskEditor RatingDetails

EUREKA ERGONOMIC Z60 Gaming Desk 5 STARCheck Latest Price

Homall Computer Gaming Desk 46.4 inch5 STARCheck Latest Price

VANSPACE 55 Inch Ergonomic Gaming Desk5 STARCheck Latest Price

Atlantic Gaming Original Gaming-Desk Pro5 STARCheck Latest Price

Sedeta Gaming Desk, 47" Gaming Table5 STARCheck Latest Price

Mr IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk 50.85 STARCheck Latest Price

8 Best Ikea Desk for Gaming

There weren’t many options to choose from – but we still had to pick only the best ones. We found 8 Ikea desks for gaming that are totally worth considering

1. Ikea Alex Computer Desk

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Everyone loves a desk that keeps cables out of the main surface. That’s what you’ll get with the Alex Computer Desk from Ikea.

It looks sleek and stylish, with a thin yet sturdy construction that stands out in durability. And you can place it anywhere in a room thanks to a finished back. It will look fantastic wherever you install it – offering tons of decorative options.

Another exciting part is the drawer-stop system. The two drawers will function only as needed – and they won’t fall or break; thanks to the built-in stops.

At 51 5/8 inches of width, 23 5/8 inches of depth, and 29 7/8 inches of height – this is a perfect model for small and medium-sized rooms. And sure enough, it boasts a cable management system. A small opening on the back allows you to get the cables through and have a superior organization.

Pairing everything together delivers one of the most stylish yet practical desks you can get. It comes either Gray or White.


  • Sturdy & reliable construction overall
  • Finished back allows versatile placement
  • Practical cable-management system


  • Installation can take more time than expected
  • Surface scratches easily

2. IKEA 802.130.74 MICKE Desk, White

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The Linnmon series from Ikea is one of the most popular options in the market. And it is not a surprise.

This excellent model offers a multi-purpose design that you can use for almost anything. Yet, it is the gaming performance that stands out.

It offers a large-enough top space so you can place up to two monitors without problems. With 60 inches of total length along with 30 inches in width, it is ideal for those who need to place tons of things over.

This adds up to a super sturdy wooden frame that stands tons of weight. Made of fiber board, particleboard, and wood fillings – it holds the weight of time as well.

The assembly is also outstandingly easy. It comes with pre-drilled leg holes, screws, and adjustable system so you can level the desk effortlessly, especially on uneven floors.

Finally, it looks stylish and easy to pair with any kind of decoration. If you aren’t the most demanding user and want something simple – then this is the perfect desk to pick.


  • Excellent construction quality for durability
  • Spacious & practical for extra placement
  • Effortless installation


  • Gets unstable with heavy loads
  • No cable management system can be inconvenient

3. IKEA Linnmon Computer Desk with Drawers

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Coming back to the Linnmon series from Ikea, we now meet the computer desk but with drawers. This is an excellent choice for those who want storage space with tons of sturdiness.

It comes with a fibreboard top, a particleboard frame, and a paper filling in its entirety. Together, they make this desk super sturdy and reliable. And that’s without even mentioning the propylene feet, the polyester powder coating, and the steel components that keep it together.

The drawers are extra handy. You will get two small and three large drawers. That’s enough to store all your favorite and helpful items close at hand reach.

Apart from all that, this is a large and spacious desk with 47 1/44 inches in length, 23 5/8 in width, and 29 1/8 inches in height. That will be enough for practical yet comfortable experience. And with its straightforward installation, it won’t be a problem to set up in any room.

To make it even better, you can get White, Black and Grey, or Black and White models. So you’ll have tons of decorative options to pick from.


  • Superb design for decent top spaces
  • Handy design with five drawers for storage
  • High-quality build with long-lasting materials


  • More expensive than others
  • Difficult to organize cables

4. IKEA Micke Computer Desk

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Another excellent model from Ikea is the Micke series. It offers one of the cleanest yet most straightforward looks you can get – perfect for pairing up with all kinds of room decorations.

It is totally made of wood so you can achieve excellent durability & lightness at the same time. Yet, it stands out for the overall size of its top, offering 19.75 inches of depth, 56 inches of length, and 24 inches of height. You can have a highly spacious top that provides enough space for two monitors.

On top of that, the assembly doesn’t take too long. Despite having two drawers for extra storage space, you can install this desk in just minutes.

The instructions are clear, so you won’t have to waste any time on it.
Another exciting feature is the finished back. You can place it in any area of a room and achieve excellent looks.

Lastly, you get a cable management system. You can easily pass the cables through a hole to cabinet-like storage. This will help you prevent messy cables and enjoy superior organization.


  • Ideal space & design for convenience
  • Extra practical drawers with cable management
  • Stylish & well-made with a finished back design


  • Low height due to awkward drawer position
  • Edges tend to chip over time

5. IKEA 602.447.45 MICKE Desk

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Coming with a beautiful dark brown color, the Ikea Micke 602.447.45 desk is a top-notch choice for anyone.

If you want to place it in your classical-looking room or anywhere with a darker tone, then you’ll be glad to know this is an almost perfect option.

The desk offers a pretty long and wide top, at 56 inches in length and 19.5 inches in width. For height, you’ll get 29.5 inches, which is comfortable enough for most people.

But the real advantage comes from its dual drawer design. You can place almost anything inside the drawers to make it even more practical.
Apart from that, you get a decent construction boasting wood all around. This makes it durable & sturdy to use.

And with the cable management system on the corner, you won’t have any problem installing several monitors, passing your peripherals through, and all with a top-notch organization.

You will even get a finished back that adds a unique look to the whole piece. It will look fantastic anywhere you place it.


  • High-quality construction for extra sturdiness
  • Excellent top design with drawers for practicality
  • Outstandingly easy installation


  • Short height makes it a little uncomfortable
  • Small design not ideal for large gaming systems

6. Ikea Computer Table with Drawers

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There’s nothing more practical than a computer desk with drawers. The opportunity to store your precious and useful things close is merely fantastic. And that’s what you get with this one.

Not only it comes with super handy drawers, but you will also get all kinds of convenient features all around – including a sturdy build with fibreboard, particleboard, and paper filling. And you will also get an excellent set of adjustable feet so you can make it work on uneven floors.

Another exciting part of this desk is the large top with 47 1/4 inches in length, a 23 5/8 inches width, and decent height for extra comfort. If you’re looking for extra convenience, this desk would be an excellent opportunity.

Still, it manages to look pretty well, especially with its finished back. And with its straightforward installation, you can make it work anywhere and set up in minutes.

If you’re looking for super practical desks, this multi-purpose model with drawers won’t let you down.


  • A super handy set of drawers for storage
  • Spacious top with decent height for comfort
  • High-quality build with effortless setup


  • Does not offer cable-management features
  • Extremely expensive

7. IKEA LINNMON New Multi-Use Computer Desk Table

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This Linnmon series multi-use desk from Ikea is one of the most overlooked you’ll find. And that makes it a treasure only a few are willing to enjoy.

It offers everything you could need on a small yet spacious table. It all starts with a long-lasting build with fibreboard top and acrylic paint surface. This pairs up with the particleboard frame and ABS plastic joints for extra durability on top.

As for the bottom, you get a fiberboard build, alongside steel legs, and epoxy/polyester coating. This table stands the weight of time like no other – even more so with polypropylene feet.

You will get a total of 39 3/8 inches in length and 23 5/8 inches in width, which goes well with the 29 1/9 inches of height. That will be enough for a practical and extra comfortable table in its entirety.

The best of all is that you can get it in a wide array of colors, including Black with Blue, Black with White, Black with Black, White with Red, White with Blue, White with Black, and White with Silver.


  • The unique set of colors that fit in any room
  • Super sturdy and long-lasting in its entirety
  • Glossy appearance & light design


  • Small & short design not ideal for everyone
  • Scratches easier than expected

8. IKEA MICKE Desk with Drawer

>>>>> Check Latest Price <<<<

There aren’t many small desks for gaming on Ikea, and the Micke certainly is one of the few. If you aren’t looking for something too large – then this is the model to go for.

What makes this desk so amazing is the superb 20-inches of width along with the 29 inches of height and 27 inches of width. That will be enough to fit a computer monitor or a large laptop without problems along with some speakers.

It is ultra-practical, nonetheless. You will get a cable management system like any other Micke desk, but also a drawer for extra storage.
The design is super stylish still and will fit practically anywhere without problems.

Apart from that, it comes with a unique legs adjustability feature, so you can mount them however you prefer depending on your needs.

And if you want extra space on top, you can always get two of these and make the whole desk even handier & spacious.
There’s no limit to the amazingness this desk offers.


  • Small and extra handy design overall
  • Unique legs adjustability system
  • Practical drawer & cable-management feature


  • Too small for most gaming desktops
  • Feels flimsy with heavy loads

What to Look For in Ikea Gaming Desks

Getting the ideal gaming desk won’t be easy, even if you’re choosing directly from Ikea. But with the right instructions, you could have an easy time.
Here are a few things to consider:


The construction of the desk is a huge part to consider. It makes all the difference between a long-lasting or a fragile desk.

Luckily, most Ikea desks come with sturdy builds you can rely on. But still, we recommend going for the strongest materials available.

Those would be solid woods, fibreboard, steel, and particleboard. Some are stronger than others, of course, but you should also consider lightness – so that’s a massive plus for woody materials like particleboard.


If you want a gaming desk, you want something that offers enough space on top. That’s why you need at least 20 inches of length for a monitor, and 20 inches of width/depth if you want to place a desktop case over.

As for height, you should go for anything that meets your needs. Most models offer between 24 and 40 inches of height. The smallest ones at around 24 inches may not be ideal for tall people. And those over 35 inches can feel pretty tall and difficult to use.

Storage Space

Most gaming desks offer storage space for extra usability. You won’t need tons of storage space, though, so stick to those that provide 1 or up to 5 drawers.

We recommend drawers as the best storage type. It will let you store all kinds of things, including electronics, pencils, books, notepads, and more.
Apart from that, make sure to have a cable management system in the back. That will help you organize the desk effectively.


As for adjustments, you should get something that offers at least one adjustment for the feet. This could be either height so you can make it work in different places according to your needs or leveling functions to make the desk even on uneven floors.


Lastly, make sure the desk is easy to assemble. Otherwise, you may spend several hours trying to assemble something that could take a few minutes.

Luckily, most Ikea desks come with straightforward instructions to follow. If you take some time to read the manual before heading on, you will probably have an easy time installing the desk.

Final Words

As you see, Ikea desks are fantastic in every way. These are enough to pick from no matter what you’re looking for.

The best Ikea desk for gaming will be easy to pick as long as you take our advice & considerations into account. Reading our reviews, you won’t have any problem picking the ideal model.

Choose one of these desks now and get your gaming to be more comfortable & handy than ever!

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