Best Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats

Best Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats

Finding the perfect baseball bat is hard. Whether you are looking for a bat as your kid’s first baseball bat, or just looking to upgrade from his previous one, it is overwhelming just the same.

And if it’s you who are looking for the best youth big barrel baseball bats for yourself, we totally understand the excitement and anxiousness you are feeling right now. You do not need to worry anymore, though.

With our simple buying guide here, you will have a crystal clear idea of what you need to look for in no time. No matter if you are the player yourself, or the parent, or the grandparent, for that matter.

Best Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bats Reviews

Below, we are going to provide you with in-depth reviews of our recommendations.

Easton S3 2 3/4″ Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

Easton S3 2 3 4 Big Barrel (-10) Baseball Bat

You’ll be glad to know that this one belongs to one of Easton’s most successful product lines, namely the Speed (S) series.

Easton S3 is thus built upon the company’s decades of experience of being in the market and knowing what different groups of consumers want.

The sweet spot on this bat is significantly larger than its predecessors. As such, you have an increased chance of getting more solid hits with the ball traveling farther. So, it’s ideal for rookies who are having a difficult time timing the shot perfectly.

In terms of weights, this bat is super light, with a drop ratio of -10. So, if you do not have very strong arms, you won’t have much trouble swinging it.

The balanced swing weight and low moment of inertia (MOI) coupled with the HYPERSKIN Performance Grip, make for a bat with superb balance and control.

While the low MOI allows you higher swing speed, you do lose out a little in terms of power. But on the upside, faster swing speed means you have some extra moments in your hand to interpret the ball better before you commit to a pitch.

Moreover, this guy features a barrel with a diameter of 2 ¾ inches. It is a one-piece Hyperlite Matrix Alloy bat, providing a much stiffer feel than a composite bat.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent value for money
  • One-piece aluminum alloy design
  • Balanced swing weight
  • Low MOI
  • Large sweet spot
  • USSSA BPF 1.15 Certified

Louisville Slugger 2019 Omaha 519 (-10) 2 3/4″ Junior Big Barrel

Louisville Slugger 2019 Omaha 519

Here is another top-notch big barrel baseball bat to step your game up. It is a one-piece performance alloy bat with a barrel diameter of 2 ¾” and a 7/8″ tapered handle.

There is a massive sweet spot on this guy to make the ball travel the farthest and make every swing count.

This bat features a premium 6-star end cap meaning that you won’t have to give much effort to swing it. It helps by maintaining a proper weight distribution, while also extending the barrel length at the same time.

The light swing weight, in combination with the large sweet spot on this bat, provides you with the perfect blend of speed and power.

In addition to it all, the LS Pro comfort grip provides you with the perfect combo of grip and cushion while batting.

Moreover, this thing won’t cost you much as it has been priced reasonably. So, a high-quality bat in reasonable price, what more can you ask for?

Highlighted Features

  • The sweet spot is enormous
  • Requires minimum effort to swing
  • Have a great feel
  • Length to weight ratio -10
  • Conforms to USSSA 1.15 BPF standard

Marucci CAT -10 USA Baseball Bat

Marucci CAT -10 USA Baseball Bat

The Marucci bat is made of high-strength AZ105 alloy and features a multi-variable wall design.

This makes for a large sweet spot as well as barrel walls that are comparatively thinner, helping you get solid hits every time.

Variable wall design is one of its top features; this bat has thinner and thicker parts on the inside of its barrel wall. This helps deliver the most pop while being durable at the same time.

Its one-piece alloy body has a length to weight ratio of -10 and a 2 ⅝ inch barrel diameter and boasts a 2nd generation AV2 technology for anti-vibration.

So, when you hit the ball with the bat, it won’t vibrate like others.
The soft-touch grip on the handle is micro-perforated for best comfort and tack, helping you feel more at ease with your bat as you play.

Highlighted Features

  • High-strength AZ105 alloy body
  • Nice balanced feel
  • Multi-Variable Wall for optimal performance
  • Features an anti-vibration technology
  • Soft-touch grip for maximum comfort and tack

DeMarini 2015 CF7 Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat (-8)

DeMarini 2015 CF7 Youth Big Barrel Baseball Bat

For players who prefer a bat that is powerful as well as very easy to swing, the DeMarini 2015 CF7 would be just the perfect pick.

This would also be a great choice if you are having problems with your bat speed and want to improve.

One of the best things about this bat here is how well balanced it feels overall. You can tell it the moment you pick it up and try swinging with it.

Its dual-density end cap owes partial credit for this, in addition to the composite barrel design.

DeMarini rallied a number of cool technologies in making this bat. The handle is designed in a way that makes sure the bat produces the least amount of vibration when it hits the ball.

This means none of the energy you put into your swing gets wasted in vain.

Additionally, they also incorporated an ultra-comfortable RCK knob with this bat. Not only does this knob make it super effortless to hold the bat, but it also gives you the ultimate control.

Highlighted Features

  • Great build quality
  • Most power in every swing
  • Optimal balanced swing weight
  • Minimizes waste of energy by eliminating vibration
  • Superior control

EASTON -10 (2 3/4″) USSSA best big Barrel Youth Baseball Bat

EASTON Beast Speed -10 (2 34) USSSA Junior

If you are one of the players who just love bats that makes the nice loud sound to announce its contact with the ball, this bat right here might grab your attention.

Advanced Thermal Alloy Construction makes for a super-strong aluminum barrel that is also very lightweight.

This allows you to experience those loud sounds that come with solid, powerful hits firsthand.

Its new speed cap contributes to the enhanced flexibility and responsiveness of the barrel. Something else it contributes to is the loud noise that many crave for.

For the optimal comfort of your hands, the handle is cushioned with a 2.2mm thick FLEX grip.

And thanks to the -10 drop ratio, this bat also has a light swing weight that lets you deflect the ball at even more speed.

Highlighted Features

  • Strong, flexible barrel
  • Light swing weight
  • Enhanced responsiveness
  • Meets USSSA 1.15 BPF standard
  • FLEX grip for optimal comfort

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat (-11, -10, -5)

Rawlings 2019 5150 USA Youth Baseball Bat

This is one bat that has truly been tried and tested and recommended for its performance and design by countless players.

Its alloy single piece exterior boasts a huge sweet spot for optimal strength hits. You are bound to get the optimal output from your swings using this bad boy right here.

Built from aerospace-grade alloy, this bat is meant for supreme performance and durability. You can play multiple seasons with this bat due to how well-built this one is.

In addition, using pOp 2.0 technology to create a large sweet spot has also provided it with an improved, balanced feel.

To top it all off, its Hyper-Lite speed cap contributes to a lighter weight, faster speed, and amazing control.

Highlighted Features

  • Excellent value for money
  • Easier and quicker swing speed
  • Great performance and durability
  • More power behind each hit
  • Improved balanced feel
  • Approved for 2019 USA baseball standards

Wilson Sporting Goods Vapor (-9) USA Best youth big barrel bats 2017

Wilson Sporting Goods Vapor

If you are looking for a strong, well-built bat at a great price point, this bat might be to your liking.

For its price, it gives a wonderful performance, having as much pop as some way more expensive bats out there.

Comprised of 7-Series aluminum alloy along with a synthetic leather grip, this bat strives for maximum durability and performance.

In addition, the synthetic leather grip on the handle is there to make sure your hands are comfortable while playing.

This 2⅝ inch USA Baseball bat is designed to provide you with maximum plate coverage. The drop ratio of -9 combined with the overall balanced feel, you get to have a well-balanced bat of great quality for at a really cheap price point.

Compared to many other bats costing a couple of hundred dollars more, this bat provides you with almost the same quality and performance.

So, those of you with a limited budget can easily consider this as your next, or first, a baseball bat.

Highlighted Features

  • Great value for your money
  • Well-built for durability
  • Easy to hold and control
  • 1pc 7-series alloy construction
  • Durable synthetic leather grip
  • Comfortable grip

Axe Bat 2018 Origin SR YOUTH USSSA (-10) Baseball Bat

Axe Bat 2018 Origin SR YOUTH USSSA

Crafted from durable LP1 alloy, this stiff yet responsive one-piece bat delivers the perfect mix of control, balance, and power.

I can guarantee that, if you buy this one, you are gonna highly enjoy playing with it

The entire 270° contact area or the ‘Hitting Zone’ of this bat is engineered for maximum performance as well as strength.

Meaning, you do not have to be rotating your barrel to make it last longer like most other bats.

This bat’s Directional Hitting Face is designed for power thanks to the Performance LP1™ Alloy material that gives you explosive pop and durability for as long as the bat lasts.

Its HyperWhip™ End Cap makes sure the extra weight of the big barrel is balanced out nicely.

While this bat is not legal for all leagues, so if your league does not happen to have any restrictions regarding bats, just go for this one.

Highlighted Features

  • Provides great contact, speed, and power
  • Delivers explosive pop
  • HyperWhip™ End Cap to balance bigger barrel
  • Faster swing and larger sweet spot
  • Engineered Hitting Zone for maximal performance
  • Patented Axe™ Handle for consistent harder contact

What Is The Best Youth Big Barrel Bats ?

As you probably already know, youth baseball bats are generally targeted at players typically between the age of 7 to 12 years old.

This translates to the bats being a tad different length and weight-wise than senior league baseball bats, the main difference being the barrel size.

The best big barrel baseball bat can vary depending on the make of the bat as well as the player using the bat. Different types of bats are preferred by different players.

Youth big barrel baseball bats can be either single pieces or composite. Big barrels have a larger sweet spot in general. Single piece big barrel bats are stiffer and stronger because of its seamless design. Thus, it’s usually more preferred by power hitters.

On the other hand, composite big barrel bats are two separate pieces fused together to allow the barrel to be flexible. They usually produce less vibration than single-piece bats.

Features to Consider before Buying

There are a few features that can make or break a particular bat for a particular person. Before buying a big barrel baseball bat, make sure you read up on our list of top features to look out for:


The size of the bat is one of the most, if not the most, important aspects of a big barrel baseball bat.

Make sure the size of the bat is suitable for you or the person you are buying it for. Keep the height and age of the person in mind while making a choice.

Consult a baseball bat size chart to ensure you are getting the perfect sized bat. It is also best to swing different sizes of bats to find out your perfect fit from beforehand.


The bat needs to be light enough to be held up with ease and to be speedy, but still be heavy enough to generate power.

Finding the perfect combination of length and weight for yourself can help you achieve our peak performance.


The best baseball bats have great weight distribution throughout its length, to give them a balanced feel and greater control. The grip quality and end caps also contribute to the control of the bat.

Bats that are easy to control are quick and easy to swing. Pay attention to the drop ratio as well as the kind of grip that the bat has before buying.

Baseball prices may vary greatly depending on the brands and make. Pick your bat according to your budget, as there are great bats available in a varying range of prices.


Based on the league you play in, make sure the bat has all the certifications that are required. Since each of the standards is different, bats that conform to one standard might not meet another.

Final Words

If you have patiently read through the entire guide above, congratulations! We are positive you will now have no problem finding the best youth big barrel baseball bats.

Remember that your bat is as much your best tool as it is your best friend on-field. So, don’t forget to get to know it as well as you can with enough time and practice.

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