How To Clean A Big Joe Bean Bag Chair ? Guides 2020

How To Clean A Big Joe Bean Bag Chair

Bean bag chairs are a piece of art. It adds something extra to your room and is also very comfortable to sit in because of the way you sink right in. Some people would even agree if you said bean bag chairs are the chairs of the century.

People all around the world love these, and they will always be in the market because of its vast use. Not only it is comfy and adorable to keep around but also has easy maintenance.

And the company I am now going to refer to you is Big Joe. Big Joe’s bean bag chairs are out of this world.

They have gone beyond the average bean bag chair concept and brought something new to the market that consumers love. And now I’m going to guides you exactly how to clean a big joe bean bag chair.

How to Clean a Big Joe Bean Bag Chair ?

Despite being such a simple chair, there’s no way it won’t need cleaning. But not to worry, because this step by step guide will easily show you the way to maintain your own Big Joe bean bag chair.

Cleaning the Bean Bag Top Cover

The material that a standard bean bag chair is made of is water-resistant. So, washing your chair with water isn’t a big deal here. It’s the part that excess moisture will create mold growth, thus leading your chair to start stinking.

To do this, you can either wipe the bag while it’s full, or you can empty the bag. If you do empty it, then you should lay it out on the floor. Next, you need to get a damp cloth which should also be warm.

Get some soapy water, and it doesn’t matter what kind of detergent you’re using, as long as you’re not using a bleaching product.

Dampen your cloth with the soapy water. This helps not only to remove stains, dirt, and grime but also to take away the bad smell.

Cleaning the Bean Bag Inner Parts

Bean bag chairs also have many layers to deal with. They come with inner covers or linings and a filler too. So, just washing the top cover isn’t enough.

Let’s start with getting the filler out and putting it in a large plastic garbage bag since they’ll easily scatter if not sealed away.

For this, you first need to unzip your lining and then pour it out and keep it safely away. Then you can start cleaning your liner.

All you need to do after is wipe it down in a damp cloth, which has been soaked in soapy water for a while.

This way, all the dust and germs on your bean bag chair will be gone. And to dry the liner, you’ll have to try the air-drying method.

Putting It Back Together

Once you have cleaned and dried all the parts of your bean bag chair, you can start reassembling it.

Putting it back together is probably the most satisfying part. All you need to do is pour the filling in and zip the lining up, and you’re good to go.

Additional Maintenance Tips You Can Follow

  • Sometimes your cover might have excess dust or pet fur on top. So before trying to use anything kind of wet cleaning, it’s better to take the cover outside and shake it off. Or try vacuum cleaning it for more efficiency.
  • If your bean bag chair has some tearing here and there, you should quickly mend those parts up. Because trying to clean your chair before fixing those, means you’ll only end up allowing the torn areas to tear more.
  • If you have a stain remover at hand, then you should use them on any sudden spills of food, drink, etc. on the chair. This is a good tip so that you don’t have to wash the whole thing all over again. And letting it stay that way for too long is risky since it could leave a stain.
  • Some covers can be washed in the washing machine. Those come with instructions, so be careful to follow as required.
  • The beans in a bean bag actually absorb odor. So even if your cover is spotless, it can still smell bad because of the insides. For this, you can just pour the beans out onto a tray and leave them outside to air the odor out of them. Then you can fill the bag back.

Final Words

Since this guide has helped you understand how maintaining a bean bag chair isn’t so complicated, I’m sure you now know how to clean a Big Joe bean bag chair without worry.

All you need is a few simple steps that have been detailed here for you to follow for a simple care routine for your bean bag chair.

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