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How To Keep Computer Room Cool

Do you spend hours after hours before your computer? For people like us who use their computer heavily, the hot temperature in the computer room is a usual issue.

Be it for gaming or work; excessive heating is something you want to get rid of. And if you have multiple systems set up inside your room, it is needless to say how much you’re tired of the heat.

Well, it may not bother you as much in winter. But in the summer days, you definitely wouldn’t like to sweat for hours inside your room. So, what is the solution?

This piece of writing will give you a few tips on how to keep your computer room cool, even when you are computing. You can try out any or all of the following ways to reduce your room temperature:

How To Keep Computer Room Cool – Few Ways

Move the Computer Near the Intake Vent

A lot of us seem to misunderstand the matter about cooling fans. Cooling fans do help cool the machine but guess what? If the air outside the fans is of high temperature, the fans actually stream that hot air inside.

So, when the computer releases hot air from the inside, it gets recirculated back in, and the temperature keeps growing!

To help this case, you can move your computer right next to an intake vent. The fresh air coming in through the intake vent will blow away the hot air produced by the computer, and the chilled air will replace it to be sent inside.

If you can’t move the machine near the vent, at least give adequate space around it so that the air flows in well.

Adjust the Computer within a Self-Cooling Cabinet

It is advisable to not set up the computer inside a closed desk that has little space for air to circulate. The released hot air should be given space so that it can move away.

Try to set up your computer within a cabinet that has enough holes for air to pass, especially at the back where the fans are located.

Keep the CPU at a spacious place rather than a condensed box. Also, try not to place other machines around the CPU like the sound system and so on.
Place It Near a Window

Hey! Do you have empty space around your window? Then you definitely should move the machine near the window! Whether the air blows in or out, either way, you will find your computer area to be cooled.

The fresh air coming in from the window will directly blow the heat away, not to mention that it will also keep the computer case fresh and cool.

Let the Computer Rest

Do you keep your computer running all day? Even when you are not using it? If so, it’s not a surprise that you are experiencing a lot of heat. And it is time to get rid of such a habit.

Shutting down your PC several times in a day actually helps to cool it down. When you are taking a coffee or lunch break, or going to have a walk, shut down your computer for a while and let it rest. Don’t forget to shut it down when you go to sleep, as well.

Also, you can put it on hibernate or sleep mode. Adjust the setting of your computer into low power consumption mode, and it will obviously produce less heat than before.

Have a Floor Fan

If you have a dedicated office for multiple computers in a room, you sure do feel too much heat in the summer days. It so happens that sometimes the AC isn’t enough to keep the room cool.

In such a case, you can invest more in having one or two-floor fans. The fans will help circulate the air fast enough, and it will reduce the temperature at least a few degrees.

Keep the Room Spacious

Do you have your computer room filled with clutters and unnecessary things piled up? If that’s the case, you need to clear them out.

Your computer room should have abundant space for the air to flow around.

So, the more clutter you keep around, the less space the air can occupy. Therefore, decluttering your room is the optimal strategy for reducing the heat.

Move the Computer Away from Direct Sunlight

Right, direct sunlight heats up your computer, thus the room. So, if the window you have placed your computer beside often allows sunlight in, you need to do something about it.

Try to hang a curtain and block the light when it’s scorching heat from the sun, and open the window when it’s mild or at night.

Use an Icebox

This method actually helps! A lot of people have agreed that using a bucket full of ice can help reduce the heat of the computer room.

What you have to do is adjust the bucket right before a table fan or a mini-split AC, the air will be cooled off and circulated around. A drop in the temperature wouldn’t be a surprise!

The same can be done around the cooling fan too! Place another bucket at the back of the machine, so the air given out by fans gets instantly chilled.
Don’t Keep the Case Open

Many have this misconception that keeping the computer case open can cool the computer and check the overheating. It doesn’t really work like that, and actually has rather a harmful impact on the computer.

Keeping the case open lets all the dust inside freely. The dust bulks up and clogs the fans, ultimately reduces their efficiency.

Therefore, don’t keep the case open! Also, clean the fans from time to time to have them working the best.


Working on the computer for hours is a hectic job; it forms aches in your muscles and joints. It even gets worse if the place you are working at is hot, and it makes you feel uncomfortable.

To get rid of such a problem, you can follow any of the mentioned ways. I tried them, and they worked very well! So, what are you waiting for?

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