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How to Stock a Pantry for a Year

Ever had a situation when your kid or friend was hungry, and you had nothing in the house to give them to eat or make something with?

While some people go to the grocery shop daily, sometimes it’s hard to make it there every day, maybe cause of it being far away, or that you may be busy.

What if you could have bought and stocked up your pantry for the whole year instead of having to go out all the time and buy stuff.

Seems daunting? It’s not actually as this article will give you some pointers on how to stock a pantry for a year and avoid having hungry stomachs in your house.

How to Stock a Pantry for a Year ?

Before you rush out and buy a whole shop’s worth of ingredients and food, you need to plan and organize a few things first. They include:


Make a list. Write down the items that are consumed almost all the time. Then write down the amounts that are usually consumed (in packages usually).

Non-Perishable Items

Try to include as many non-perishable items as you can. You’re stocking your pantry for a year, not a month; as such, you don’t want to grab an ingredient only to find it has perished due to the passing of time.

Half-Cooked Foods

One helpful thing you can attempt is to half-cook food than just to keep a stock of frozen food or packages of cookies or biscuits. Packages, in most cases, will take more space than the ingredients, so you’ll be saving space by opting to cook more.


Do a clean-up of your pantry shelves. If there are leftovers, use them up as you see fit. The important thing is that you need to clear space as you’ll inevitably be bringing in lots of packages and ingredients.

Purchasing Supplies

Finally, you need to actually go out and buy all those supplies you had listed. This might prove difficult, depending on the list, as there will be a lot to buy and carry.

Take a friend or two and plan to go out during a time when there’s hardly a crowd. Also, try to go early and make sure the items are in stock. You don’t want to visit the stores again just because you missed one item. Buying in bulk often leads to lower prices, so you’ll be saving a bit.


In preparation for a large number of supplies, you’ll need adequate space. This includes moving some things around the house or buying shelves for keeping the supplies. If you have a basement, it can be converted into a good storage room for the supplies.

What to Buy and When to Buy?

While you might have listed down some items to buy, you might not have considered how effective and long-lasting, certain ingredients are. You also might not have considered sales and when you can get them at lower prices.

It helps to know this, and you will be able to stock up on supplies at the absolute cheapest and maintain them for a year. Below are some things to look out for:

  • Wheat is a common product that you can use to make flours and pasta. It is a very important item to have around. You can get them at low prices during the fall. Older stock is rotated during this time.
  • Potatoes are an indispensable item. They can be used to make fries; mashed potatoes are tasty to eat and in general, can find a place in most dishes and meals. You’ll also find potatoes up for low prices a week or two after harvest season. They’ll be fresh and quite a delicacy to include in your diet.
  • Pumpkins are also available during the same time and can be used to make delicious desserts.

If you’ve noticed it by now, fall and sometimes summer is the best time to stock up on supplies.

Also, if possible, grow your own produce. It will save you space and is just a great alternative in general to going out to the store and buying it.

Aside from these, there are some basic pantry ingredients you should have stocked up or have checked in your list. These ingredients are used for many different dishes and, as such, are must-haves in your pantry. They include:

  • Flour for pasta, cake, and many other baked goods and is quite essential.
  • Cornmeal to make snacks like tortilla chips.
  • Vanilla extract or essence to add a delectable smell and taste to your baked goods.
  • Basic spices like salt and pepper to spice up your food, depending on what you or your family consume, this can extend to other spices like basil, cumin, and chili powder.

Some sugar to sweeten up your dishes and satisfy your sweet tooth. Brown sugar or granulated sugar are also considerable options.

A lot of these can be purchased in bulk from wholesalers, which will save you quite a bit of money as well as lasting you through the year.

Tips on Stocking Your Pantry

You’ve gone off and finally bought all the necessary things you need. Now comes actually storing them and stocking your pantry.

This can be a bit daunting, and during the first few times will lead to some miscalculations and some common mistakes. A lot of this can be avoided using the following steps:

  • Make notes and calculations of your stock and update them regularly. You’re bound to make some estimation errors here and there. What’s important is that you fix them and don’t repeat them. You’ll save yourself quite a bit of hassle.
  • Make sure your main stock consists of non-perishable products. They’ll serve you the most. Be careful of expiry dates and use those products up before the date. That will make way for more space.
  • Seasonal products should be bought in small quantities and used sparingly.

Final Words

Stocking a pantry for a year while being highly efficient and useful can be quite intimidating and difficult to maintain, initially.

Hopefully, these tips and guidelines have given you a bit of an idea, how to stock a pantry for a year.

Proper planning, a clear head, and some good calculations and preparations will make it possible to tackle this and make sure everyone has a happy stomach in your home.

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